Dr Bhavana Nissima

The “Where” of Creativity

NLP and creativity are intrinsically linked. How can we do what we do differently? Mental Space Psychology makes this connection even more thrilling. The question that you can now ask is– Where is ‘how we can do differently’? 

This experiential session draws on Lucas Derks’ extensive work in Mental Space Psychology as well as David Grove’s insights on Clean Space.

Ashok Subramanian

NLP with Movement Therapy: Let your body take charge of finding the new you!

NLP- Creative Movement Combo utilises the Mind-Body connection in a novel way to guide people towards any change process!!

In this session, you will learn the similarities and links between the systemic principles, processes and techniques followed in these two major fields. You can expect to

 – Get in touch with your own creative self by moving!

– Get introduced to fun-filled, celebrative & deep change process!

 – Fool your conscious mind and break your limiting patterns with your body first!

– Bring lasting change to your personality by working with your body movement!

– Use movement exercises to allow your body to guide you towards healing & resolution of your past trauma!

Rahul George

Enhance your skills with The gift of “Deeply Relax”

During this seminar you will have the opportunity to work with me over 90 mins and learn new skills, sharpen existing skills and expand your range in the space and area of relaxation. 

Often we tend to overlook this very important resource. In the rush to Make it, to hustle, hustle, hustle, there is a tendency to do away with relaxation until your either dead or sick! 

More and more the world over we are beginning to realise that Deeply Relax is truly a gift. 

Should you choose to attend this session, you will learn many of the tools I have been experimenting with over close to two decades. You will get a very hands on feel of many different ways to Deeply Relax. You will also get to see how others are when they use the tools and I welcome you to share these tools widely with as many people you can. 

By the end of the session one this is for sure – you will Deeply Relax 🙂