Welcome to the Global NLP Conference in India

We’re a team dedicated to furthering the boundaries of NLP to enable people live an extraordinary life. We’re bringing diverse speakers and renowned pioneers in the world of NLP to Mumbai this November, for a unique learning adventure.

NLP Conference India 2019 promises enriching and powerful NLP experiences, access to progressive areas of NLP and the opportunity to connect with the wider NLP community. It’s your chance to learn from global, inspirational speakers – explorers who are pushing the boundaries of language and bringing about change for the better.

Designed for anyone passionate about learning cutting edge methodologies to create a sustainable and lasting change, and curious about recent developments in the field of NLP for both personal as well as professional growth. Magic happens when the right people get together and magic is happening in Mumbai this November

The Speakers


At NLP conference India, we bring you some of the most renowned pioneers in the field of NLP from around the world to support & mentor you in your journey to make a difference. By the time the conference is over, you would have had lots of breakthrough moments & life-changing experiences. You will leave the conference with insights, wisdom & frameworks that will unleash your extraordinary self, energize your mind, grow your business or career so that you can take your personal and professional life to the next level and to create a massive impact to this world.

Sue Knight

International NLP Master Trainer, Business Consultant, Speaker and Author of NLP at Work


Sue Knight is an International Consultant and Master Trainer of NLP running and contributing to NLP certification programmes around the world in the UK, at her home in France, in Kerala and Mumbai in India, South Africa, in Doha and Istanbul, Barcelona,and Oman. Sue is an Executive Coach and Corporate Consultant. She has been voted the winner of the NLP in Business Award hosted by the Worldwide Association for NLP. She is author of the best-selling book ‘NLP at Work ‘ which is available in 28 different languages and has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide. Sue also works with companies such as The Academy for Chief Executives, Leaseplan (where she coached a team of women here who crossed Baffin Island in the Arctic), the Learning Trust in Cape Town working to help the youth of South Africa particularly those seeking to escape the drugs and violence of the townships , BrainoBrain in India and many other organisations. She also does one on one High Performance Coaching (also online) and carries out many speaking engagements round the world. Provocative Coaching (Coaching with Humour) is one of the most popular topics she gets invited to present especially since Sue trained with Frank Farrelly the master of Provocative Therapy for 20 years.. You can read more about Sue's work on www.sueknight.com and you can follow her on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and especially Instagram nlpatwork where she regularly posts short videos

Satyarup Siddhanta

Solutions Architect| Mountaineer | Motivational Speaker

Guinness World Record Holder, Compelling stories of impossible survivals, astounding moments, High Altitude Leadership and real life inspirations that transforms audiences and unlock their potential 100+ talks at various platforms, corporates, colleges, schools, associations and NGOs

Satyarup Siddhanta is one of the World’s leading mountaineers, achieving the Guinness world record of being the Youngest in the world to climb both the 7 summits (highest mountain of each of the continents) and 7 volcanic summits (highest volcano of each of the continents).

As a child, he was severely asthmatic and worked extensively to overcome the odds to realize his mountaineering dreams. He did his BTech from Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology and is working as a solutions architect (software) consultant in Bangalore.

Michael Perez

Renowned Hypnotist, NLPer, Teacher, Trainer

Michael Perez is in his third decade of doing, developing, and teaching NLP and hypnosis around the world. He has mentored some of the largest NLP communities and is noted for his broad approach to integrating different approaches to NLP that have arisen over the years. He’s also a champion of the idea of restoring a focus on modeling to the field and raising training standards and facilitating more skilled and powerful practitioners. He’s noted as a ‘walking encyclopedia’ of neurolinguistic change-work and has developed a unique approach to hypnotic influential communication informed by the latest in cognitive neuroscience, ‘The Neuron Code’.

Judith Lowe

Master Trainer, Author, ANLP Board Member

Judith Lowe is one of the most experienced, committed, effective and engaging teachers in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Judith has worked for many years with clients from a diverse range of professional backgrounds, in the public and private sectors, both in-house and on public programmes, at every level of NLP, providing innovative, in-depth, skills-based NLP training and coaching. She is known for her warmth, wit and wide reading, as well as her overall dedication to giving her students and clients the very best of advanced, systemic NLP. She is on the board of the Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming UK.

Nishith Shah

Founder, Thought Labs | Co-founder, NLP Conference India | Speaker | Coach | Mountaineer

Nishith Shah, Founder of Thought Labs, is widely regarded as one of the pioneers in the field of NLP who has dedicated 12 years of his life pushing the boundaries of NLP Experiences. Being the creator of the NLP at the Himalayas Retreat, he has revolutionized the way NLP programs are curated by developing one it's kind; truly experiential and life-changing certification retreats around the world.

So far, Nishith’s programs have been attended by more than 3000 delegates from 19 different countries from around the world. He runs his unique experiential programs in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Goa & Himalayas in India. In Wengen in Switzerland and Sao Paulo in Brazil.

Nishith also being the co-founder of the NLP conference India is committed to creating the highest standards of NLP in India. He is actively involved in developing new coaches who consistently create a huge impact in the world.

He is an example of what he teaches. Being a mountaineer, he has been consistently pushing his own limits to move out of his comfort zone as he plans to summit Mt. Everest next year.

Angela Wells

Co-founder, NLP Conference India | NLP Trainer

My NLP journey began 15 years ago with Richard Bandler, Paul Mckenna and Michael Breen and continued my training with Tristan Soames and Sue Knight to achieve trainer level. During this time I mentored a local toastmaster club, organised and hosted the Toastmaster club competition. I facilitated regular online webinars and coaching for Tristan Soames and Nishith Shah as well as facilitating Street Wisdom events in and around London, UK.

I am co-founder/organiser of NLP Conference India passionate about NLP, communication and how we lead ourselves and others effectively through our conversations and actions.

Ashok Subramanian

NLP Master Trainer & Sociocracy3.0, Shinota Consulting

Ashok Subramanian is one of the NLP Pioneers in India, who has contributed significantly to the Indian NLP Industry in the last 20 years and credited with Launching & Nurturing the Sue Knight Brand of NLP in India 18 years ago.

He is specially known for blending international NLP concepts with Ancient Indian Wisdom modelled from the Indian Monks.

Add video - www.Youtube.com/NLPAshok


Seema Shenoy Manek

Transformation Coach and Certified Trainer of NLP | Co-Founder of Indian School Of Success |

Seema is the Founder and Principal Facilitator at Indian School of Success, a Transformational Training and Life Coaching organisation based out of Ahmedabad, India. ISS conducts various open workshops to certify HR Professionals, Trainers and individuals on NLP. It provides customised programs to corporates based on this powerful brain science.

She has trained under various international trainers such as Dr William Horton (Founder NFNLP,USA), Tony Robbins, and Spiritual Trainer Dr Halasyam Sundaram.
She is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer from NFNLP USA.


R Ramesh Prasad

International NLP Trainer at Onefluencer

With an extensive corporate background across different types of industries I currently engage leaders, senior managers, thought leaders as well as everyday people of influence who are changing the worlds in which they live and work. I passionately believe in the power of individuals to become all they are capable of being. As a result I work to leverage their strengths individually, as teams, and in organisations to see them transformed, and to transform the parts of the world they touch.

Abhay Thakkar

Internationally Certified NLP Trainer & New Code NLP Trainer|Hypnotherapy Trainer

Abhay Thakkar, is an internationally certified NLP & New Code NLP Trainer, certified by co-creator of NLP – John Grinder as well as co-developers of New Code NLP - Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll. He has also been a mentor in New Code NLP and Trainers Training course facilitated by them in which he assisted participants from over 35 countries.
Although he is certified by them to facilitate NLP (Classic Code NLP) trainings, he focuses on New Code NLP. In 2018, he facilitated 16 batches of New Code NLP trainings.

His training center of “Transformational NLP International” is located in Mumbai, but he has facilitated workshops not just in major cities of India but also internationally in Italy and Spain.
He has learnt NLP from several NLP Trainers including Frank Pucelik (co-creator of NLP) - Master Practitioner and Trainer's Training and Christina Hall - Master Trainer's Training

Abhay Thakkar’s approach towards coaching is more towards holistic with his applications of several modalities such as Hypnotherapy, Gestalt, Chakra Healing, Redikall Healing, Past Life Regression, Transpersonal Regression Therapy, Family Constellation on individuals and groups. His knowledge of various healing modalities gives him and his participants a different understanding of NLP.

Having been in this field of change work for over 10 years, he has had a fulfilling journey of assisting thousands of people from all walks of life to enhance their quality of life.

His mission: “Most people walk through the world in a trance of disempowerment. Our work is to transform that into a trance of empowerment” – Dr Milton H Erickson

Annelise Piers

NLP Trainer & Yoga teacher at The Hippie Yogi

I’m a Master NLP Practitioner and Trainer, licensed by Co-founder Dr. Bandler in the US and UK and an RYT 200 hatha yoga teacher.

I specialize in the use of NLP metaphor and yin yoga therapy - - a change work module that works on the deep subtle layers of the mind and body.

I’ve immersed myself in research on hormonal balance – looking beneath the surface at digestive health, mental and physical stressors, as well as cycle syncing, especially for peri-menopausal women.

This metaphor for treating your body right is what I teach on and off the mat.


NLP Trainer & Coach

My journey into Mind Sciences

When I began in 07 with Richard Mc Hugh (Dick) one of the most trusted sources of NLP in India for over 30 years. I continued my training with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna whilst immersing myself in hypnosis inspired by Igor Ledochowski.

Over the years I have used the fundamentals and building blocks of NLP in teaching & training. My subjects included theatre and communication. I trained management of leading companies in India from IT and financial services to advertising and engineering.

Today I focus on coaching senior leaders in companies and Entrepreneurs across different sectors from jewelry to finance and technology.


Dr. Bhavana Nissima

NLP Trainer, Creative writer and Ambassadar for Mental space Psychology

The "Where" of Creativity”

Session Summary

NLP and creativity are intrinsically linked. How can we do what we do differently? Mental Space Psychology makes this connection even more thrilling. The question that you can now ask is-- Where is 'how we can do differently'?

This experiential session draws on Lucas Derks' extensive work in Mental Space Psychology as well as David Grove's insights on Clean Space.

About Dr Bhavana

Dr. Bhavana Nissima is a Lightweaver working on the intersection of NLP and Creativity and is the ambassador of Mental Space Psychology in India. She explores NLP applications beneficial for Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Artists.
Website: https://thelightweavernlp.com/

Kenneth Paul Lewis

Director - Learning solutions at Seven people Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Kenneth is also the Managing Director at Atlas Learning Pvt. Ltd. He is also the member of the International Coaching Federation (Mumbai Chapter) and the Founder of the Human Resource Networking group, Human Circuits.

Kenneth Lewis is a Faculty member and Lead Trainer at Hemsley Fraser (which is has been ranked as one of the world’s Top 20 training outsourcing providers, for the fifth successive year), Psychological Associates (US), Talent Mondial (UK), Executive Development Associates and the Duke Corporate Education Global Learning Resource Network (GLRN).

As a facilitator and consultant for the past 5+ years, Kenneth has worked with companies across multiple key Industries worldwide.

Kenneth is an expert in Employee Development and has led and been a part of a few Organization Development projects as well. He has also served as executive coach to senior level managers and mid level managers of various companies.

His hands-on experience in the field of customer service, sales and IT has given him fame as a highly experienced trainer, coach, facilitator and speaker who demonstrates enthusiasm, energy and passion as well as subject expertise.

He believes in facilitating using the positive affirmation and appreciative inquiry technique which he believes delivers larger shifts in accepting, thinking, acting and practicing of new skills, applications and behaviours.

Professional Qualifications include:
Certified on “Q4 Leadership” from Psychological Associates, USA
Empanelled as a Facilitator with Hemsley Fraser, UK (A part of the Demos group)
Empanelled as a Facilitator with Schouten Global, Netherlands
Facilitator of choice for Talent Mondial International
Facilitator select with Duke CE (A unit of Duke University)
Applied ACC – ACTP certification (over 100 hrs. of Coach Training and 200+ hrs. Client Coaching)
Certified NLP Business Practitioner – Sue Knight, France
Certified Practitioner in Applied Neuroscience & the MiND tool by MyBrain International

Vimala Seshadri

Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer Insight Coaching Solutions

Vimala is a well seasoned Leadership Facilitator and Executive Coach with over twenty five years of corporate experience across several industries and holding different senior level positions. Her experiences vary from holding an Assistant Professorship in Academia in the US, to taking up management roles in the pharmaceutical industry, to being the Founder and Executive Director of a not for profit home for children in India.

As a Facilitator and Coach, Vimala has designed, delivered programs and coached clients
from exceedingly varied backgrounds, spreading across roles up to CFOs/CEOs. She has
worked across various sectors including Pharma, IT, ITES, Financial, Engineering and
Education. She is Master Certified facilitator, trainer and Coach in Think on Your Feet©,
Lumina Learning© - Certified practitioner and facilitator and certified in Constructive
Negotiations©, Nuero-linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner and Positive Discipline©.

She is also accredited with Hogan Assessments, delivers Hogan certification workshops and
the MBTI. Vimala is a certified Coach though Erickson Coaching College at the PCC level and
is currently being certified as a NLP coach with Neoway Academy. Vimala has over 700
hours of coaching experience in the corporate sector. She is certified facilitator in Coach
Your Self Up©.

Her deep connection with her clients arises from her first-hand experience of working in
academia, corporate, and nonprofit organizations. She has facilitated an array of programs
including managing teams, business communication, cross cultural collaboration, building
resilience, emotional Intelligence and executive presence. She also delivers programs on
parenting, and optimizing health. Vimala’s strength lies in her positive energy which creates
an open learning environment.
Vimala strives to bring out the best in her clients by unlocking their potential. She is
passionate about inspiring people through a strong sense of purpose that lends itself to
peak performance.

Vimala holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a
Clinical Residency from the Jewish Hospital at Washington University in St. Louis. Vimala is
also the founder and Executive Director of Nivedita Charitable Trust a home for children in
India. In her spare time, Vimala loves to spend time with her 14 children, plays violin and
loves to cook.

Program Schedule

Here's the detailed schedule of the program. Feel free to reach out to use for any further details.

9 - 10 am
10 - 10:15 am
Angela Wells & Nishith Shah
10:15 - 11:45 am
Mini Masterclass
Sue Knight - Dive into NLP Modelling. Learn how all this works.
Learn More >
11:45 - 12:15 am
12:15 - 1:15 pm
Michael Perez - NLP Zero: The forgotten foundation of NLP
Learn More >
1:15 - 2:00 pm
2:00 - 3:30 pm
Split sessions
R Ramesh Prasad- Saying Yes to Life! In a way that matters Annelise Piers - The Hippi Yogi: An exploration into the language of metaphor in healing with experiential NLP Seema Shenoy Manek - The People in Your Head: How to become friends with the voices in your head for generating lasting change.
Learn More >
3:30 - 4:00 pm
4 - 5:30 pm
Mini Masterclass
Abhay Thakkar - Access high performance states with NLP New Code
Learn More >
09:30 - 11:00 am
Opening & 1st Session
Nishith Shah - Live demonstration of modelling excellence with Satyarup Siddhanta: Learning the structure of “dreaming BIG and making it happen” as well as “Breaking the barriers”
Learn More >
11:00 - 11:30 am
11:30 - 1 pm
Split Sessions
Dr Bhavana Nissima- The "Where" of Creativity: Drawing on the work of Lucas Derks and David Grove we reveal new ways to ask 'how can we do what we do differently'?
Ashok Subramanian - NLP with Movement Therapy: Experience the wisdom of the mind body connection in this session’
Rahul George - Enhance your skills with The gift of "Deeply Relax": Learn how 'deeply relax' is one of our biggest resources for learning, productivity and honing your NLP skills!
Learn More >
1 - 1:45 pm
1:45- 3:15 pm
Split sessions
Ken Lewis - Are people predictably different?
Vimala Seshadri - Communicating with Kids using NLP
Angela Wells - Elevating your leadership presence in work and life
Learn More >
3:15 - 3:45 pm
3:45 - 4:15 pm
Mini Masterclass
Judith - The Art of Generative Coaching
Learn More >
4:15 - 4:45 pm
4:45 - 5:30 pm
Q and Q - Close
Judith, Ashok, Nishith, Ramesh

Why join the conference?

Make a difference

Learn the latest cutting edge methodologies to create a lasting and positive change in yourself and others. Become exceptionally good at creating transformation by learning from the best of the best in the industry.

Be part of a wider community

Globally NLP is unique and different depending on how and where are you working with it. This conference gives you an opportunity to learn from various cultures about various different applications of NLP from personal growth to business and even in technology. Become part of this new tribe.

Experience NLP from Industry leaders & Visionaries

Learn from the pioneers of NLP from around the world to take your coaching & change-work knowledge and skills to 10x level. You can learn what these visionaries spent a decade in creating within just 2 days of the conference.

Be part of a life-changing experience

This conference is not just designed to deliver sessions but it will be an experience in itself. All the sessions are designed experientially and so you will be involved in each one of them. The conference will also have many other activities and experiences that will get you fully immersed in it.

Program Details

- Access to all the sessions during the conference
- Access to all the pre-conference webinars by top facilitators from around the world
- Access to all the networking events during the conference
- Amazing meals with tea/coffee breaks during the conference

Registration Closed. The next conference is on 24 & 25 October 2020. We will be coming up with more updates soon. 

24 & 25 Oct 2020

9 am to 6 pm

@ To be Announced

INR 12,500 (Closing Discount Fees)

INR 15,000 (Regular Fees)

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At Global NLP conference in Mumbai, everyone will be as inspiring as the speakers taking the session on the stage. You are not just attending the conference, you are becoming part of a larger community. A group of extraordinary people who create a supportive, enabling and cohesive environment to change the world.

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This conference is for anyone is who is interested in having a life-changing experience.

If you are curious about NLP this conference will give you a very powerful experience. You will not only learn from one but fifteen different perspectives of NLP from powerful speakers from all over the world..

It’s also for you if you are an expert in NLP because this conference will introduce you to how NLP has evolved all over the world and how you can integrate that into your practice.

It’s for you if you want to overcome your internal limitations and live a fulfilling life. If you want to become the best version of yourself and have 15 of top coaches from around the world support you in doing that.

And it’s definitely for you if you would like to come together with a tribe of inspiring people and change the world.

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